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Conflict Resolution – Reflections from Fiona Silver Butterfly 23/04/2012

Conflict Resolution – Reflections from Fiona Silver Butterfly 23/04/2012

What creates conflict?
Who is responsible?
Who’s issue is it really?
How does one get to an amicable resolution?

We all have some kind of conflict in our lives one time or the other. Conflict is defined as
to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash: The account of one eyewitness conflicted with that of the other. My class conflicts with my going to the concert; to fight or contend; do battle or struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; strife; Discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of interests or principles: a conflict of ideas; incompatibility or interference

Most people are conflict adverse. They will rather not say what they truly feel to keep the peace. But sometimes it is vital for us and other to stand up for ourselves, for what we believe in, else things will just stay the same. In Kabalah I got taught, you either throw the cup and it breaks against the wall or you throw it inside and in doing so you get hurt on the inside. Doesn’t mean that we literally have to break stuff, but it illustrates that there is energy within us that needs to come out. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with the amount of energy that want to be released. In those cases, a good gym session, hitting a boxing bag, screaming in the woods or whatever it takes.

The most frustrated of conflicts are the ones where the other person isn’t there, cannot be contacted and you sit with it all. In those cases the best to do is to physically WRITE it out, not type on computer, it doesn’t release the stuck energy and emotions, physically write. The aim is not to send it to the person it is to get rid of it. And you can choose if you want to burn it, bury it so the worms can eat it up, write on a balloon and set it fee, see it all fly away and leave you. Whatever tickles your fancy. I prefer burning it. There’s a trick to it. You fold the paper in four, and burn it. Depending with what emotions the letter was written, the flames will be bigger with emotionally charged letters than with amicable letters. So do it on the outside of the property, in a fire proof place, preferable a fireplace or braai. Then after it has burned, you need to inspect it, if any piece of the paper didn’t burn, it means that there’s still more to write and release. See it this way, if it was a piece of cancer inside you, would you leave it in or release it. Go back sit and think and just write down all that springs to mind. No matter how big or small you may perceive it to be.

During the past month it has become evident from my client consultations why people avoid conflict. The biggest reason is FEAR. FEAR of the reaction from others, FEAR of being rejected, FEAR of being alienated, FEAR of being judged, FEAR of LOOSING, (be it FEAR of loosing your job, or FEAR of your loved one). When the FEAR (the False Evidence Appearing Real) seems too big, they rather keep quiet. When we keep quiet and don’t express ourselves as we should, we develop throat infections, irritations in the throat area, constant coughing, scratchiness in throat, flue, and my favourite a pain in the neck, I say so, because that is what it literally and figuratively is. In Louise Hays book – “You can heal your life” she makes the correlation between our ailments and the root cause emotions. To give an example – Flue stems from Influenza / Influence to be more accurate negative influence. The people who are negatively influence by other causes them to be more prone to catching the flue virus than others, that’s why not everyone gets the flue when it does its rounds.)

Although it is cut and dry what the solution to conflict is, clear and open communication in a calm manner, what ends up manifesting is not always just that, even though you may have set the intent to have a harmonious, calm and peaceful home/workplace/school, that may be the last thing that you get when the paw-paw hits the fan.

So who’s responsible? It is both parties responsibility. What is meant with responsibility - It’s having the ability to respond. Through effective communication, where listening is just as important as speaking when it’s your turn, we get to hear the other person’s point of view. As they say there is always two sides of a story. The open communication creates awareness. It is then up to us, by exercising our free will, how we are choosing to respond. And when we evaluate it we can see for ourselves if any adjustments of thoughts, deeds or actions, belief systems or old behavioural patterns is called for. Sometimes we are totally unaware on how we make others feel. When we become aware and change, so much the better. We shift, our life shifts and we will not necessarily have to go through it again.

Holding judgements against ourselves and others gets mirrored to us through conflict and will be repeated until we are ready to release the judgements, forgive and move on. Then our experiences and relationships change.

When we don’t it becomes a missed opportunity for us to grow and then we’ll have to go through the lesson again with perhaps the same person or others until we get it right.

So what goes wrong? How does wanting to communicate blow up in a full fight? Mostly it’s the EGO personalities. The EGO doesn’t like to be in the wrong. The EGO doesn’t like to be seen in a negative light. The EGO doesn’t want to give in, be submissive. And from an EGO perspective, it will never ever apologise. The EGO will die before admitting any wrong doing or inappropriate behaviour. That’s why they say it takes a bigger person to say they are sorry afterwards, ‘cause you have to rise above the EGO personality. And one EGO clashing against another EGO can get nasty. Time-out is needed for the dust to settle.

How does one know who’s issue it is? Well it is with the person who has a chemical reaction in his/her body. The one that gets hot under the collar. If you have the chemical reaction it’s your issue, if they have a chemical reaction and you don’t, it’s their issue, and if you both have a chemical reaction, you know you both do. The nail has been hit on the head and the truth hurts (the EGO not the person). So when someone has raised something for your attention and you get hot under the collar. Take some time to reflect. Where does this come from? Where does the behavioural patterns, belief systems or attitudes come from? Adopted, coping mechanism (fight or flight mode), or passed down from one generation to another and just become a pattern of behaviour. Some seem to live for drama and conflict, especially those who want to exert there will off on others, those who likes to dominate, those who want to control, manipulate and bully others.

Usually what they see in others is what’s lacking within them. The faults they see in others are aspects of self that hasn’t been accepted. That was one of the things I learned in Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience. He made us list all the characteristics of someone we really didn’t like. He then made us think of 5 people we’ve done that too and own the trait. In that exercise I realised that we are all Bitches, Liars, Sinner and Saint. We are all the same. NONE have JUST good qualities and NONE have JUST bad qualities. We have a mixture of both. There are people that tend to bring the best out in us and others that seem to bring the worst out in us. The more we accept ourselves the more tolerance there are for others.

So the question then, how does one get to an amicable resolution. It takes two to tango. Both parties need to be willing and open to communicate. I can highly recommend the following: Before the meeting ask for Divine Protection. Say out loud to yourself “I choose to disconnect from the lower mind and the lower ego and to connect to my Higher Self. I choose to think, feel, act and react only from my Higher Self. Call in Archangel Michael to stand next to you with his Sward of Holy Truth, ask to only see, hear and speak the truth in this matter. Ask to connect beforehand with the conflicting party’s Higher Self and ask the same from them in your mind.

Where you cannot get it right to communicate on your own, then a mediator is called for. I’ve been called in for mediation from time to time, to help people to communicate with a neutral person present.

Sometimes one person may get to a place where they want peace before the other person is ready to do so, then the one ready has to patiently wait for the other person to process what has been said in order to be able to be in position to move on, or beyond. And in that period self-reflection and self-evaluate is needed in the areas where perceived wrong has been done, or less appropriate behaviour. Be willing to admit it to self. Be willing to forgive self and others. And be willing to bury the hatched when all is said and done and resolved.

There is a gift hidden in every situation. When you see the lesson, that what is being shown to you, you are all the better for working with it. That is how we grow, when we transform. Tony Gaskins said “Growth hurts that’s why they call it growing pains.” So true.

If you have a situation that needs to be resolved, healed or let go of and struggling to do it on your own and need help, especially help with healing after a conflict, in order to get back to our centre, back into balance, I can help you.  Call for an appointment.

May peace prevail within your mind,
May peace prevail within your Spirit,
May peace prevail within your heart,
May peace prevail within your life,
May peace prevail within your environment,
May peach prevail on EARTH
And so be it

Love and light blessings from the Portal of Alchemy

Fiona Silver Butterfly

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Releasing / Healing Relationship Residue

Relationships are our hardest lessons we come to learn on this Earth. One thing that people don't always realize is that there is something I'd like to call Relationship Residue and if an issue is not properly dealt with in a relationship, it doesn't go away by itself if we walk away from the relationship. Patterns and experiences will repeat in relationship after relationship, until we get it. Until we've dealt with it. Until we have TRULY forgiven and let go.

So what is Relationship Residue? There is a contract between two souls to come together to help one another learn certain lessons. If we don't learn how to handle or master the lesson at hand and leave that partner, hide/suppress or deny that the issue exist then we carry it into a new relationship. And they get the brunt of it. Paying for the sins of past partners, which is totally unfair on that relationship and individual.

In the past I had to learn how to heal properly after each relationship experience that left me battered and bruised. Some was easier than others. It was enough for me to experience certain things once and never wanted to repeat it again. So it was important for me to feel it, heal it, release it, and get to forgiving self and others. For my aim, my dream is to have a happy, healthy, loving, mutually caring and supporting relationship, and I didn't want to taint it with past experiences.

Dealing with clients, I see that not everyone has this philosophy and they think they can 'move on' without healing, or without dealing with the matter, or without releasing and forgiving, and when the issue pops up in a new relationship, as it always does, then there is zero tolerance and the emotions runs high.

We are all mirrors for one another. Reflecting back what's actually deep down inside. Some run when they see the reflection. But sooner or later you have to stop and deal with it. For the future is no place to carry the past.

So how do we know if it is our issue or the next person's issue? Well that's easy. Our body tell tales. If it is our issue, there is a chemical reaction in our body. We become hot under the collar, and can feel the effect directly in our body. If it is the other person's issue, we remain cool calm and collected and can observe their reaction.

So I urge you to deal with old patterns, heal them, forgive them, cut ties and move on in love. This is a prefect time for it.  We are going through a cleansing period to raise our vibrations. Release your old baggage and let it go, for it no longer serves you and keeps you from a happy and fulfilled, loved and joyous life.

I can help you if you struggling with letting it go. Come see me when you are ready.

Love and light
Fiona (SilverButterfly ~ Reflecting unto humanity)
082 788 1413

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Welcoming the MIRACLE of the CHRIST in our lives Invocation/Meditation b...

Mother Akasha:

"There is another Path to embrace after your Awakening, and one that if you choose, can lift and raise you up and out of the limitation of human strife, raising you into the highest vibration of Light & Love, a path of Higher Consciousn
ess is called "The Path of Becoming your True Self" on Earth, also known as "The Path of Resurrection". As you embrace this path, a great raising & expanding activity unfolds within your mind and your feelings, your consciousness, and ultimately your physical garments. You are awake, your Life calls upon you to rise now & become on Earth your True Glorious Self 'I AM' individualized of Mother/Father God.

It is a path in which there begins to be experienced by you the second birth, lightning flashes of sudden Light within your mind, great outpourings of Love within your being, all that prepares you in the centre of your consciousness to enter into The Secret Heart of your God Nature, and to pass through 'The Door of Everything' where you will drink of the Waters of Life, the greatest Love of all, The Mother's Love, the Love of the Heavenly Mother that individualizes as your Soul. When that Love begins to express through you it will reveal its Presence and it will nurture and fulfill all that your mind dares to conceive. Your Soul is the Sacred Womb of The Divine Mother of our Universe, Individualized, just as the Christ is the Individualized Mind of The Father."

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Rare Solar Eclipse Alignment Will Happen Between the Earth, the Sun and, our central Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation. ~ RiseEarth

A Rare Solar Eclipse Alignment Will Happen Between the Earth, the Sun and, our central Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation. ~ RiseEarth

On May 20, 2012, a rare solar eclipse alignment will happen between the Earth, the Sun and, our central Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation. It takes earth 26,000 years to travel around Alcyone.
"The Pyramid of the Sun outside Mexico City at Teotihuacan is said to be aligned with the Pleiades, for its west face and many of the surrounding streets were aligned directly with the setting point of the Pleiades on midnight of the night when it is at its highest point. The Pleiades was clearly revered also by the Mayans, who in the area of Chichen Itza knew that the Sun casts a snake-like shadow on the side of the north stairway of the Kukulcan pyramid during the spring equinox. Some scholars have calculated that about 60 days after this shadow’s appearance, when the sun reaches its zenith over the Pyramid at mid-day (May 20 – May 23), there is another direct alignment with the Pleiades. This Pleiades-sun alignment may have a direct connection with Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent that came to bring a greater wisdom to the planet.

The ancient Egyptians also singled out the Pleiades as a female goddess, probably most often recognized as Neith, the “divine mother”, or Hathor, who took on the form of a cow (who carried the seeds of life). Pyramidologists working in Egypt in the last twelve years have found pyramidal texts that suggest the Egyptians revered the Pleiades as a higher divine star system, especially Alcyone, its brightest star."

What is an annular solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameteris smaller than the Sun, causing the Sun to look like an annulus (ring), blocking most of the Sun’s light. An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region thousands of kilometres wide.

The annular phase will be visible from the Chinese coast, the south of Japan, and the western part of the United States and Canada. Guangzhou, Tokyo and Albuquerque will be on the central path. Kanarraville, Utah will be a perfect place to view the annular phase. Its maximum will occur in the North Pacific, south of the Aleutian islands for 5 min and 46.3 s, and finish in the western United States.

It will be the first central eclipse of the 21st century in the continental USA, and also the first annular eclipse there since the solar eclipse of May 10, 1994.

The annular solar eclipse will pass over the western United States. This video is an animated map showing the path of the eclipse over Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

MYTH AND PROPHECY for the Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012

Nostradamus Quatrains on May Earthquake

X 67. A mighty earthquake in the month of May.
Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus: Venus also. Cancer, Mars in Nonnay (cero). Hail will fall larger than an egg.

IX 83. Sun twentieth of Taurus the earth will tremble very mightily.
It will ruin the great heater filled:
To darken and trouble air, sky and land
Then the infidel will call upon God and saints

‘Return of the Jaquar Serpent’ – Mayan prophecy

The Center of the Sky – The Sun and Pleiades conjunction on May 20 (current era)
A possible Kukulcan / Quetzalcoatl manifestation between (March 21 – May 20)
The Mayan lore predicts that after a global earthquake, the “new men of knowledge” will return to earth to usher in a global government (New World Order).

Alignment on May 20, 2012: An alignment of the earth, moon, and Sun – but the Pleiades Star System also aligns simultaneously from behind the Sun at precisely the same time.

Crop Circle Date May 20, 2012

Clip from the 16th Annual International UFO Congress. Jaime Maussan giving an interpretation of a crop circle with a sign that indicate that there will be some kind of event (Mesoamerican feathered serpent “star god” diety Quetzalcoatl may possibly return) around May 20, 2012.

Edgar Cayce’s Visions and Predictions

In 1941, Cayce predicted that coastlines now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean.

He warned: Watch New York, Connecticut and the like. Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast, as well as the central portion of the United States. Los Angeles, San Francisco, most of all these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia, these will disappear. This will be much sooner. The waters of the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico.

There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be the shifting of the poles. Edgar Cayce’s Visions and Predictions

Coincidental alignment of the mysterious Red X

The center will be directly over the mysterious Google Earth RED X location supposedly leaked by NASA last year in the file named byss.arc.nasa 11133.kml. In 2011. It was also “coincidentally” the exact location of the Exercise Pacific Wave 11 tsunami drill in 2011.

‘The great Earthquake’

This eclipse is the first of three remarkable astronomical events of 2012, followed by the transit of Venus on June 6, 2012 and a total solar eclipse on November 13, 2012.
Source: thetruthbehindthescenes ,Catalyzin Change , RiseEarth , UnhealthyEarth

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AA Metatron's message on Elementals Unicorns & Dragons

Channel Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Parallels of Omni Earth- The Kingdom of Fae Elementals, Unicorns & Dragons

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron Lord of Light !

I greet you in a vector of Love, Unconditional Love. We gather this joyous

moment to embrace you and to honor you. What an amazing year unfolds before

you. Indeed it is a heralded time, that you have waited eons to participate

within ! It is the year of the Ascension ! Take time to feel the joyous

energy we send you, from all corners of the Omni-Verse, from every aspect of

the Cosmos.

Dear Hearts, we are asked to speak this day on a myriad of fascinating

topics. Of the Omni-Earth, the parallels of Earth, and that termed the

Elemental Kingdom. We speak of thyme incredible vortex of Skellig Michael,

and of the Firmament anchor of Newgrange. We speak of the land of the

Goddess and Fae.

The Kingdom of the FAE

We begin with the Skellig Michael Vortex, of Ireland, and of the FAE.

Masters, one of the delightful & differentiating aspects of experiencing

Ireland is the remarkably unique visual interfacing with incredibly light

and delightful beings, the Kingdom of the Fae, the Faerie and Devic.

Certain parts of the world have a somewhat differing type of elementals.

Only the few vectors on the planet that project what may be termed the

'full-spectra energy field' have the full quality & quantity of the entire

Fae Kingdom. Fewer still of these have the energetic lens that enables

humankind to more tangible 'see' and interact with these beings.

Ireland, more than any other area on the planet, has the greatest variety

and populace of the Faerie and Elfin Kingdoms, and that those in Ireland are

far more interactive with humans. That is precisely why so many rich

folklores of the Devic exist in Ireland.

There are indeed rich & diverse pockets of Devic Beings that timelessly

inhabit the green hills and river valleys of Ireland. Although much of

Britain and parts of Europe and your planet have similar pockets, the Devic

Kingdom in Ireland is more tangible, more lucid, more fully expressed than

most areas of your planet... and can thus be more vividly experienced.

As a result of the unique energies present, there is available in Ireland

the experience of not only seeing the Devic in lucidity for confirming

periods of time, there is also the absolutely awareness of a communication,

a knowledge that they are interacting with you. And so we speak of the

parallel, the concentric dimensional overlay and the realm of Etherium,

matter, and antimatter, the realm of the Angelic, and the Devic.

Masters, the Ascension is not only occurring on the material Earth, but

also its parallels. The alignment into the Galactic center is also causing a

tremendous increase in the flow of charged ionic energy, that termed

antimatter-plasma into the planetary poles.

The Parallels of Earth exist in the resonance of anti matter, and within

antimatter is an enormous spectra of unimaginable energy. In 2012, there

will be an expansion of dimensional parallels that allow for much greater

perception of higher frequency fields. We share with you a great Truth that

may confuse some of you, and that is that the interface of the Angelic Realm

to the human material realm is the antimatter field, and the antimatter

plasmic composition of that field is what you term the 'Parallel or Omni


Indeed the interfaces from your etheric body via the chakric system are in a

sense focal particle accelerators that have open cones into the field of

antimatter. This is something that will become known to humans within the

next few generations. You often refer to antimatter as dark matter. In

truth and irony, that you term dark matter actually carries greater light

and holds higher frequency than physical matter.

Only specific crysto-electromagnetic fields are capable of holding

antimatter plasma, and indeed antimatter has varying layers or dimensions of

intensity. Your developed Mer-Ka-Na field is indeed capable of holding this

energy, and transporting you within it. And we add, that your core existence

is in the realm thought of as anti-matter, indeed it is your home before

entering into the duality of physical matter.

Pangaea - Pre Human Earth

Long before mankind entered upon the Earth, the Omni-Planet contained within

it the natural forces, that termed the Elemental. These material aspects

were full spectrum, not just as dense physical matter but rather the

complete spectrum of matter and anti-matter... in which the conscious living

aspects were projected & diversified, conscious in all manner of what is

termed 'elemental' life. That then existing within the the five matrixial

formats or elements : Air, Earth, Fire, Water and the fifth - Etherium.

You see, matter exists in spectrums, as does light.

In the earliest explorations into that termed the Earthplane, the soul of

mankind entered into the plane in a nonphysical state, a thoughtform state

in which mind had indeed the full capacity to mold & form matter and enter

into physical matter in full consciousness.

Many souls found expression in what may be termed the elemental kingdom or

better said the elemental matrix in those pre physical eras. That is why so

many of you humans relate so powerfully to these Elemental Beings. For

indeed many of you experienced first life within and without them in

projected spectra-state within the elemental matrix.

There are indeed many humans who found beautiful expression in what may be

termed elemental expressions as light beings of what is akin to the Faerie

realm. Such life expressions were nonphysical manifestation of Divine Mind.

Many associate this as being in LeMuria or Mu, but this is before the planet

was in duality. This then in the pre-human earth of the original Firmament.

It is inaccurate, at best, to speak of this period in terms of linear time.

Neither time nor space exists in the modality you think.

Certain periods are inserted as holograms and exist in parallel dimensions.

All time is simultaneous, and both time and space are manifestations of

light as congealed thought.

The closest approximation we will give as the period we speak would be 300

million years ago.

This epoch at a phase of the holographic earth where the land masses were

very different from the present. The spin of the earth had a different axis

and rotation. Time did not exist in fixed linear format, and spacial

expression was far more fluid. Thought moved the consciousness instantly.

Almost all of you entered the Earth at this time, this pre-human time. You

entered as thought, and experienced the Earth, un-tethered to its grid or

gravity. Experiencing the Earth somewhat as an adventure, a manifestation of

thought. Traveling here and there instantly, and dematerializing at will. It

was a time of non-polarity, before the Earth fell from the Firmament and

became a University of Dulaity.

It was a different earth, an elemental earth of purity.

The physical aspects of the prehuman earth went through myriad periods of

vast change. The oceans rose to much higher levels than your present seas

contain. The land mass of the earth was for a period of time in one

centering, that termed Pangaea, this long before continental drifting and

separation. This long before Atlantis & LeMuria you see.

At his time did many choose expression in the projection of thought form and

experience the Gardens of Earth through the elemental forces that define the

earth. These expressions as beings of a semi physical, yet non physical

nature allowed many to experience consciousness with realms of air, earth,

fire and water. This is vaguely recalled in the forgotten lore of Faeries,

Mermaids, Sprites, Dragons, Trolls, Gnomes and such.

Elementals & Divine Intelligence

That which we term the Devic Kingdom, are essentially projected aspects of

the elemental, mineral and plant kingdom that find conscious dynamic

expression through vehicles of electro-magnetic and crysto-electric energy.

Some Devic forms are more advanced than others. Those of the Fae possess

divine intelligence, whilst others of the Devic realm are more like the

lower fields of that termed the bird or winged kingdom, in terms of having

awareness within a group-thought pattern as opposed to individual


The higher intelligence of the Fae will more willingly interact with certain

humans, while the majority are less drawn to close communicative

interaction, and keep a certain distance...not unlike a sparrow or thrush in

ones garden that will fly away if one gets too close.

Not all Devic forms are what you may think of as positive or benevolent in

nature. Some are consciousness sourced from electromagnetic fields and as

such both positive and negative are required to balance the electrical

spectrum you see. Some view mankind as brothers, others do not. Some project

the vibratory essence of supreme love, others are somewhat malicious and

mischievous, from your perspective. Yet both are electrical l forms of

bio-plasmic life, in a manner of speaking.

The Faerie Kingdom is light based elementals generally sourced of air.

There are varieties of faeries that are water sourced and plant kingdom

sourced. The plant sourced faerie is traditionally referred to in your

folklore as pixies and brownies. Both having a very excited positive

vibration, often creating a sensation in humans associated with delight and

laughter. They are quite real, and exist all over the planet. The Kingdom

of Fae tends to mass in areas of higher energy. In those places termed

powernodes and sacred sites. But to be clear, such locales are termed sacred

and powerful precisely because the dimensional veils are thin in these

vectors. All variety of the Fae are particularly drawn to gurgling brooks,

small cascades, pools, plants, mushrooms and particularly ferns & flowers.

The Elfin Kingdom

The Elfin Kingdom is Devic Beings that are projected from the earth. These

include elves, gnomes, and trolls. The Elfin exist in forests and wooded

greens, and aspects of the elfin are particularly associated with Greenman.

In a true sense all of the elementals are inner related each aspect being

somewhat dependent on the other, plants needing earth, water and light for


Edgar Cayce, among others spoke of having very real experiences and

interactions with faeries, pixies and brownies throughout his childhood. The

channel has shared of experiences on Skellig Michael with faeries and

pixies, with prolonged visual contact. The visual being an aspect of the

energy field at Skellig and other parts of Ireland in which dimensional

fields are concentrated and overlapping in more tangible concentricity.

Dragons, Mer & Unicorns

Masters, what we tell you now may surprise many of you, but the host of

etheric beings also includes that you may term the Unicorn, Mer and

Dragon. These benevolent and fully conscious beings exist, and are as much

a part of your Earth as humanity. They possess supreme divine intelligence

and are extremely advanced. They are protectors of humanity and of the

planet, and are awakening into greater role in the Cosmic Trigger.

The Mer oft referred to as Mermaids and Mermen are part of the elemental

aspect of the Sea and Water Kingdom. These are keepers of the waters and

possess Divine Intelligence. Many of you have experienced life in this

capacity in the pre duality earth, as we have discussed. These beings are

seen by and interact lovingly with the dolphin and whale. But let us be

clear, dolphins and whales are physical and highly evolved beings , while

the Mer of the higher levels within the elemental matrix, and are



Unicorns are conscious 'Spirit' projections of both the animal kingdom and

human thought, merged in the etherium aspect of the 5 elemental kingdoms.

Your indigenous often interacted with evolved conscious forms of the animal

kingdom as totems, including the bear, Wolf, Puma and such. The very process

of interaction with the overlight group-spirit energy of these of the Animal

Kingdom created a very real thought form intersection in which through the

mutual intersection of energies, a communicating, very real energy emerged,

in etheric form. These are not elemental energies, but exist as very

conscious, self aware energies in the anti-matter or ethereal realm.

Because the Unicorn was so focally included in lore in areas of Britain,

Ireland and Europe, these forms do indeed independently, consciously exist,

particularly in the concentric field energies of Ireland, France and

southwest England. This in the same manner that Buffalo Spirit, Eagle

Spirit , Bear Spirit, Wolf Spirit and Jaguar Spirit (as well as others)

exist in a tangible form in areas of the Americas....areas of sufficient

power nodal energy to afford & offer full dimensional- lap spectra


Thought forms do absolutely exist in myriad formats. Your Edgar Cayce once

spoke of the thought form of a Shakespearian character, Cassius, attending

one of his classes in Virginia Beach, in thought form matrix, quite

independently conscious and seeking to learn. Imagine that! While these are

not elemental in source, these exist in the same parallel dimensional

frequency as elementals.

The Sacred Dragon

The Sacred Dragon are benevolent and fully conscious beings. These do

indeed exist, and have existed on the planet long before humanity. They

possess supreme divine intelligence and are extremely advanced. They are

protectors of humanity and of the planet, and are taking a greater role in

the Cosmic Trigger. These beings are Masters of what is termed

earth-kundalini and as such are involved in engineering aspects of the aptly

named dragon line-currents and ley lines which are in fact arteries of life

force on your planet. They are now in a greater role, involved in the

formation of new energy lines within the crysto-electromagnetic surge of the

Cosmic Trigger, or crystallization expansion of the Ascension into and the

Earth-Current Leys.

Have not your cultures throughout the ancient world had legends and

stories of these beings, even religions in Asia devoted to their worship.

These beings are extremely advanced, and fully conscious, and have existed

on the Earth since the beginning. We tell you there are benevolent 'Angelic

Dragons' are among the Ascended Masters.

Do not confuse these with the concepts in myth and lore of evil dragons

who kidnap princesses into castles and caverns. Nor with sensational

provocative theories of evil reptilian take overs of your planet.

Now, the mythology of your Arthurian stories in regard to fire-breathing

dragons as evil beings that capture princesses are indeed myths and the

descriptions are distorted and quite obtuse.

We tell you this while in ancient days, pre LeMurian, pre Atlantean phases

of the earth, there were dragons that entered the Earthplane from Zeta

Reticuli that were not benevolent. These were in fact battled and driven

from the earth by the sacred benevolent dragon beings that still reside on

your planet. Although much fewer in numbers, they have always existed here,

and are great protectors of your planet, and work closely within the

energies of the planetary kundalini force.

Now, there are also extra terrestrial beings of a reptilian nature that

do indeed exist. Just as humans, some are benevolent and some are warlike.

There have been periods in the earth's unfolding in which reptilian beings

have attempted to enter the Earthplane, and not always for benevolent

purpose. These are NOT the beings to which we refer.

Even yet the words, dragon, serpent and reptilian cause humans of the

western world to shudder in fear and associate them with evil or dismiss

them completely as mythological folklore. The metaphors of St George slaying

the dragon or variations of this tale are seeded in the Church's reign to

demolish paganism in their crusade to politically reign & dominate. Yet in

many other cultures and religions, especially in Asia, the dragon was

revered, and considered a source of wisdom, divinity and 'good-fortune'.

There is a Devic form of 'dragonesque' beings that exist in the elemental

kingdom, but these are not the Sacred Fully Conscious Dragons of which we

speak. Rather are they elementals that are a conscious form of the elemental

realm , projections of the Fire element. The indigenous have often used Fire

Devics in ceremony, assigning a 'Fire-Keeper or Fire-Spirit Talker to hold

ceremony in vision quests and ritual dances. There are also fire elemental

projections considered as etheric salamanders and fire-glyphs.

The fully conscious divine beings of which we now refer abide both in the

inner earth, particularly in volcanic regions and others are drawn to

magno-crystalline mountains in high elevations. These beings are not of the

elemental electromagnetic kingdom, although they are closely aligned to the

earth's electromagnetic and crystalline energies.

Some of these are massive in size up to 50 meters in length , and radiate a

golden light . They exist primarily in higher parallel dimension, but do

also bodily exist in your physical world. These are beings of golden light,

and are actively involved in the energetics of your planet. They are

guardians of certain of your interdimensional gates. They are indeed of

divine intelligence, both etheric and physical.

Crystalline Beings

Many of you are aware of the consciousness with gems and crystals. Many of

you work with Crystalline Beings. These are in the highest form of mineral

elemental projection, and are of supreme intelligence. Crystals are

conscious by geo-structure and nature within the projection of the Mineral

Kingdom. Crystals and gems hold consciousness of a triadic nature, and are

capable of being placeholders as transmitters and receivers in full

Beingness. Crystals carry light, and light expands consciousness within the

matrixial perfection of the crystalline form.

Areas of natural crystals project a unique elemental aspect, that appears as

light orbs and flashing streams. Arkansas and Brazil are teeming with such

projected aspects.

The Omni-Earth

We have spoken in many channels of the amazing qualities of the Living

Earth. And we tell you that no matter how you live and love upon the Earth,

you gain, you expand by exploring the majesty and wisdom of Gaia. The Earth,

the Omni Earth is expanding in amazing ways in the expansion called the

Ascension. It is an amazing time, and 2012 will incorporate marvelous

changes in your scope and perception of the realities around you, that were

previously much more difficult to perceive. You will not marvel about the

grandeur of your planet until you experience its beauty. You will marvel at

the brilliance truly contained within the Earth and delight in the vast

libraries of knowledge within the multi-faceted , multi-dimensional

Beingness of Gaia. For the Earth also exist as anti-matter...and the

Parallels of the Omni Earth are teeming with life.

Crysto-Magnetic Plasma in Matter and Antimatter

We tell you that on your Earth, magnetic field lines emerge out of the North

Pole, curve downwards, and enter the South Pole through your ovoid

Magnetosphere. Inside your Earth, however, these field lines move upwards

from the South Pole to join the North Pole. These fields of force are

charged ionic plasma. These flows are both in the form of matter as well as

antimatter. As such these occur within the parallel antimatter Earth and in

fact define its composition. Antimatter plasma contains many charged

particles including what may be termed anti-electrons and anti protons.

Within anti matter Bio Plasma occurs, and life forms of Bio Plasma teem

within these fields.

So within and without your physical Earth are electromagnetic currents that

operate somewhat in jet streams that flow in one direction on and above the

earth and in the opposite direction in its subsurface interior.

Therefore there are current flows that are parallel to one another, flowing

in opposite directions, within the ovoid of the Magnetosphere. These are

somewhat analogous to your longitudinal lines and crudely recognized as

Curry Lines. What is not understood or as yet recognized is that these also

flow in antimatter plasma, anti magnetics, anti electrics, and are the very

network of energy that connects your physical Earth to the anti matter

Earth, the twin Omni's or 'Parallel Earths', through the flashing aspect of

receiving micro black-holes (protons) and the projecting micro white-holes


With the laminar flow of the vertical lines of longitude, the anti-matter

plasma will create a network of currents. The primary vertical current

induces other currents at right angles to it to form golden angle offshoots

at 90 degree jets that extend directly and horizontally from the vertical

currents. These are pulsed at even sequences according to the 'flash' of

consciousness light units, which somewhat corresponds to the conceptual

Planck scale in space-time theory.

There are certain points both within the matter-antimatter flash and

planetary electromagnetic circuitry that form pressurized nodes. These nodes

act as subatomic-particle amplifiers which project coherent helical streams

of antimatter ions at specific vectors on the planet.

These are in essence anti matter vortexes that permeate into the physical

earth and the Magnetosphere. These enter the EarthPlane at the latitudinal

points between 49 and 52 degrees north and 49 and 52 degrees south.

The latitude of 51 degrees is a planetary geometrical vector that receives

the jet stream helix of highly charged antimatter plasma into the physical

realm at certain nodes. Skellig Michael, Newgrange, Stonehenge, Avebury,

Banff, Lake Louise, Lake Baikal and Torres del Paine, Patagonia all occur at

this latitudinal span. For that reason these areas are extraordinarily

charged electro-magnetically, quite multidimensional in nature, yet retain

an incredible balance. These areas are only capable of retaining the

antimatter field because of the unique magno electrical resonance produced

by the mineralogy of the area.

These vortexes spiral and intertwine with pulses of gravitons, positrons and

anti-plasma and to form coherent plasmic helixes that occur in the zones of

Ireland, Britain, Europe ,Canadian Rockies, Lake Baikal in Siberia, and

southern Patagonia areas of Argentina and Chile. All of these points are

near 51 degrees latitude. These energies collate and pool, due in large to

the specific crystalline-magnetic mineralogy that exist in these magno

crystalline areas. Indeed in 2012 the planetary energies are transferring

into crystalline matrix. ( As we have told you, the human body is converting

over ythe next generations into crytsalline aspect, converting from carbon

base to silicate.)

As a result, the parallel Earth coexists more tangibly and overlaps more

fully within these areas, and life forms of bioplasmic nature indeed exist

there in great abundance. But let us be clear, these areas are in essence

macro white holes. Tremendous energy, from antimatter is transformed to

charged matter and exuded. The antimatter overlay that dually occurs in

Banff does not intermingle with matter per sei; rather the two fields

co-exist in separate dimensions. They somewhat coincide, but are indeed

quite separate. Better to say that the antimatter field is far more easily

experienced thru the subtle body within this area. And as such thru the

Mer-Ka-Na which is greatly expanded therein. Do you understand?

The Angelic Field of the area is a direct result of this, and occurs in

Bioplasmic matrix.

Bio-plasmic life is quite real, and in fact, as we have stated, your subtle

body and your chakric centers tie into the plasmic sphere of antimatter, the

Parallel Earth. It is a less dense form of life, and not usually visible to

the naked eye. It operates at a much higher frequency, and extremely high

life forms abound in this energy, and evolve faster within it.

Because of the unique mineralogy and gravity anomalies in Ireland, the

etheric realm exists in extreme lucidity.

Ireland - The Emerald & Amethyst

Ireland contains some of the most powerful, sacred and re-generative

energies on the planet. It is appropriately called the Emerald Isle because

of its vibrant green hills and valleys, which indeed exude a tangible field

of healing and well-being. Be aware that these incredible healing hues occur

because of the life force generated in the lands.

Ireland is a very unique and very succinct frequency. There are several

known locations of what is termed 'negative gravity' anomalies on what is

termed the Emerald Isle. These 'lighten' the frequency and somewhat aid in

its soft and gentle expression.

It is in fact the plant life, waters and sea that team with the incredible

telluric energies and create the very soft, the 'Feminine' aspect so

beautifully expressed in Ireland. These energies blend with the gravity

anomaly vectors to transduce what would otherwise be a very intense energy,

for it is indeed among the highest frequencies on the planet.

As such there are many locales of what is locally termed ' thin veils'

referring to dimensional portals dotting the landscape in Ireland. Worlds

and dimensions tangibly co-exist, and vividly so in Ireland. That is why the

Kingdom of the Fae, the Devic realm of Faeries, Elves and Leprechauns are so

illustriously recounted among Irish lore. This actual realm does indeed

present itself with great and greater visibility precisely because of the

higher concentration of life force present.

The Goddess

And so we will say that while the energy of the Green Ray, the Emerald Field

is quite predominate, the Violet Ray of the Amethyst is equally present. The

lavender granites and violet magenta quartz of the sandstones create an

incredible field that invokes imagination, artistry, creativity and

spiritual seeking.

All of these blend & meld harmoniously throughout Ireland to form a most

benevolent field, a 'frequencial cocktail' of extremely high yet balanced

energy in Ireland. The seeker can find balance and well being in this joyful

resonance of life force.

It is an energy that empowers will and independence, but within a grounded

humility of nurturing. It is that of the Powerful Goddess, in your

vernacular. The strength that is caring.

Much of Although Ireland is similar in many ways to the lands of England,

Scotland and Wales, it is a very different frequency in other aspects.

Ireland is granitic (35% quartz) and sandstone quartzite. There are also

crystalline emanations from the metamorphic strata, dating back in linear

terms over 1.7 billion years. All metamorphic structures are crystalline,

you see.

It is important also to note, that the land mass of Ireland was on the same

latitude as Egypt some 250 million years ago, as your geologists

acknowledge, and much of the sandstone carries the same 'quartzitic'

piezo-electric vibrational resonance as that of Giza and Aswan. And that is

a sacred energy. There is in fact a harmonic oscillation, an axialtonal line

and Leyline connecting Newgrange to Giza. Newgrange is also connected to the

Toltec Mounds of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas.

Skellig Michael

Now you ask about Skellig Michael. In truth, Skellig Michael is a Natural

Temple, a power-node of terrestrial construct, one created by nature, by the

Divinity of Earth. The structure of Skellig Michael is pyramidal in geometry

and is particularly aligned with celestial energies. It is composed of

violet sandstones, quartzites. Your geologists will know of this particular

variety of quartz. It is a unique mineral that is the rock foundation and

energy of many sacred places, many powernodes. This quartz variety can be

said to carry the imprint of the human quest, particularly at Skellig.

Skellig Michael is on the 51st Latitude North, a very powerful energy band,

which also is shared by Stonehenge, Avebury, Lake Baikal, and Lake Louise,


As we have previously shared, the Atla-Ra, the Atlanteans were very aware of

all such nodes on the planet, in collaboration with the Sirian-Pleiadean

Alliance. Just as Staffa Island is a generator of the Hebrides, (Iona as

well as eastern Ireland), so does Skellig perform a similar energy

generation and distribution in western Ireland. These 'feed' the earth

currents of the area not only with telluric energies, but Cosmic or

Celestial energies as well. These play a more important role than is

currently recognized, though these were fully recognized in the Golden Era

of Atlantis. (A time in which the Earth was in full dimensional aspect and

those termed the Star Races inhabited the earth.)

Within Skellig is a Master Crystal of Violet Hue. It has been there since

the Golden Age of Atlantis. It has never been de-activated, for it was

originally and specifically placed where it remains, and will remain. It is

a key point of refracting that energy you term the Ley, and it up-shifts

into the sacred frequency of both the Mary and Michael Leylines. It

energizes all of the Leys in Ireland and in Britain, France and Europe.

And so we will take the additional questions you have prepared.

Question: Can you speak about Newgrange, in County Meath of Ireland? It is

said to be older than the Pyramids, and to be an astronomical calendar. Is

it also a portal?

Lord Metatron: It is indeed a mega-portal. And we will say that the area of

the portal includes more than what is Newgrange, also Knowth and all

surrounding areas, including the stone circles and earthmounds, and indeed


The greater area of the Vortexial Portal of the Boyne River region in

Ireland, is centered at the mound now termed Newgrange. However, the

structure that is now Newgrange was predated by millennia. It was recognized

by the Sirian Alliance for its unique energy, and other Temples have stood

there as well, as on the surrounding circles and mounds that compose its

complex land massif and energetic matrix. Newgrange is still energetically

maintained by the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance, for it is playing a major role

in the planetary and Cosmic grids. It is an immense and vast stargate,

highly 'engineered' . The Sirian-Pleiadean-Arcturian Alliance are energetic

engineers that have assisted in balancing the energies of the Omni Earth

since the time of the firmament. Although the Alliance works in other

'Universes' in your terms, they have focused on your planet because indeed,

they are your genetic seed. Your planet, universe, your Galaxy is of course

existing within and as a part of the greater Omni-Verse. Certain points on

your planet have the rare energetics that enable them to be connecting

points. Newgrange is one of these. It is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional

grid point. It is a portal that transcends dimensions and time. It is

connected directly to the Crystalline Grid, and is also being fashioned to

connect directly to the New Firmament which begins formation after the

completion of December 21, 2012.


Now, on the topic of Newgrange, let us say that it is a complexity of

energies that will be increasing in frequency in 2012, and continue in

transition beyond into 2013 and forward.

The energy of greater Newgrange is complex. It is dimensional but not

locational. All that is within, above and below this complex grid point will

in 2013 be somewhat up-shifted and redefined. Newgrange is one of several

'libraries' and placeholders specifically located at certain vectors. It was

never meant to be a tomb of Celtic Kings, rather it is a vast portal that

both stabilizes the balance of the Earth and connects the Earth to

frequencies that are essential to the New Firmament. In a manner of speaking

it is a vast database that ties into Sirius, but in a different format, a

different purpose than the Pyramids of Giza.

Newgrange and other such points are a continuum, a link between

matter/antimatter, physical and angelic. Such portals are interfaces of a

unique purpose, somewhat different from what you term Star-Gates. The

transducing energies are not solid or separate, but seamless and continuous,

gradually and imperceptibly blending the lesser dimensional frequencies

(within its corridor) into the greater until it becomes harmonic. It has

been activated into shift, and the first stage of the shift completes on the

12-21-12 and then begins its reactivation as a Firmament point in 2013.

Anchoring Point of the New Firmament

The earthen points of the New Crystalline Firmament, such as Newgrange, are

held in place by a nexus, a series of inter-connected spirals of energy that

carry conscious 'life-force' particulates of matter/non-matter between the

layers of the Cosmos. These particles of intelligence maintain the cosmic

purpose or "Codes" in complete integrity, balance and harmony.

The 'Akash, nexus particles are encoded and programmed to expedite

transitions for the planned Ascension. This includes the up-shift in human

DNA. More specifically, they are specialized coded energies that create new

bridges. This is one of the ways in which the earth and all that is related

to it expands. Newgrange is involved in the receival of these codes.

In the present and recent past, what differentiates 'greater' Newgrange is

the balance. In your vernacular it is a Feminine Centre, but of supreme

balance, that then termed as the Divine Feminine. Though not in the gendered

application you might consider. (We will explain this further in this


In its very balance it interfaces all 12 dimensions, and thus a grounding

stabilization occurs. Those metaphysicians prone to the delusional, to

lofty, ungrounded, grandiose meanderings , as oft occurs in such paths, will

find themselves re-centered in this nurturing energy blend.

The Michael Portal of Ireland

The unique matrix of Ireland has been re-formatting since the inital phase

of the Cosmic Trigger in 2009 and will complete in 2012 on the 12-12-12.

Lord Michael began re-anchoring his presence in a triangulated portal

within the core of Skellig Michael after the gateway event you call the

9-9-9. The process requires four years to complete.

The three pinnacles of the vortex vertice are Skellig Michael, Michaels

Mound and Mont Michell in France. This is fed to a large degree by the

energies of the supra portal at Newgrange. And this absolutely creates the

format, the matrix of the unique energetic-cocktail of ionic forces within



The enhanced thinned veil clarity that resulted within these pristine sites

has facilitated many to have direct experiences with Archangel Michaels

Divine Presence. A counterclockwise energy vortex is being crystallized and

set into motion reconnecting the locations. The triangulation has formed

what may be referred to as the Skellig Michael Triad Vortex and a great and

greater spiritual light is thus disseminated throughout the entire area for

hundreds of miles.

Special caretakers have been drawn to these areas to align, anchor and

imprint within this divine energy. Many are called, it is the code carriers.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

...and so it is.

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