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Masters of Light message 30 April 2012

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30 April 2012

“Through the many centuries of time the universal consciousness has drawn in space many beautiful elements of creation, including your blue planet circling around a flaming star. Soul beings converged upon its surface in delight and have progressed in the ways of mastery, both mentally and physically. In this present time, what has been accomplished has come to a stalemate in time as the planet undergoes its natural point of its travels, readying itself to return to a more stable orbit around your sun. The pressures of atmosphere and inner turmoil are reaching their expected peak now and for the next few months, which has also caused the frequencies of human thought processes to explode with fear and hatred against each other. The earth itself is undergoing many changes, as experienced by the drastic storms and ground movements. This is not news to you we know. We wish to give you the realization that there is a reason for all this and that it does have an end, that is slowly coming into sight. The warring between nations, the dictators throwing their evil intentions at their own people, the religious masses pulling down the essential positions of human endeavor to fit their own concepts, will be slowly coming to an end during this year. The rights of existence given by the Creator to every human creature are not to be denied. Men and women who now contend to be leaders of their organizations, tribes, religious organizations and nations, will be pressed very hard within themselves to find their own true values and, if they are lacking, to back away from their efforts to lead. This is not just regarding the current political efforts, but a world wide blanket of central consciousness that is bringing humanity back into the sanity and sanctity of the roles they have created for themselves in the “Book of Life” that was given in times past so vast you will never be able to realize their magnitude.

This coming month of May may be likened to a large metal ball hanging on a chain, slowly swinging back and forth. The violent storms that have raced across the North American Continent and jumped over oceans and the rest of the world are the effect of the swinging, as most of you realize. Now the ball will swing faster – producing swift, unexpected weather anomalies that will affect both land and seas without much warning. Even the most hidden deserts and canyons, above and below the seas, will experience unusual movements. Mysterious “booms” being reported in many places are the indicators of deep movements in the crust. Do not be concerned about them, just realize what they are. Storm patterns will not be as violent this month, but will continue in many other ways to change climates that will bring attention to growers of your crops . Humanity has always been able to work with these changes and will do so now. The knowledge of farming today has brought great strides to providing humanity with the food it needs. Look to warmer days than normal, colder winds than normal, harder rains than normal, everything will be expanded upon this month. These experiences are why you are here – to see, hear and feel the excitement of a changing world. Keep your inner “ears” open and listen to your feelings of when to progress and when to be aware of danger. Of all the beings created in matter on millions of other planets in the many universes, humanity has come to the point of awareness that no others have done. You are very special and we are with you all the time. Just listen, feel, and live your wondrous lives in love and peace.”

(Ruth:) Dear Readers, this is a very important lesson for our times. Please make time to read this a couple of times – we need all our inner resources for now and the months and years ahead.

“This has nothing to do with man-made electrical energy or the drive for wealth and fame. Power, in this lesson is the inborn, natural energy that drives the universe and all of its galaxies, stars, universes and everything created within them, including you. It is called many things today as knowledge continues to expand regarding the universe , but here we will concentrate on the inner power given to you by the Creator.

Watch a very young child as they express themselves without knowing or understanding all the “thou shalt nots” that they will soon be taught. It is a rare blessing, for those expressions are from the original soul spirit they are. Their power is completely natural, as are their responses to people and situations. As they grow older and are taught by parents and teachers, the values of their own particular society, their inner power becomes restricted and conformed to suit the necessary circumstances in which they will live. It is no wonder then, that many times a child will rebel with tantrums and tears.

Life in this dimension is such that the inner power is not only restricted, but sometimes almost destroyed. There is always someone telling a person that they are better, more knowledgeable, more educated, etc., etc., and expect you to honor, respect and obey them, to the detriment of your own power. When you understand that all spiritual beings encased in matter have the same inherent power of the universe that drives them, it will be easier to realize that only the force of mind determines what person shall hold leadership positions and what person shall be the humble follower or employee.

The educational process all over the world is the instigator of the power plays that are seen to be needed in order to bring about order in a society. To some extent, that is true, but to tell a person they have no intelligence, no abilities, even a person who is born mentally retarded in some way , is totally wrong. A mentally retarded person has more power in many ways than the most educated scientist in the world, for they have the ability to refuse actions that would take it away from them. Look at how most of them live with love and happiness, since they are not forced to comply with societal mandates.

Many people are well aware of their personal power and sometimes use it to dominate anyone who comes within their scope of activity. Men through the ages are taught that they are stronger, smarter, and more responsible than women, not having been put down or their power denied. Their women have been dealt with in that light, forced to deny their own power, limping through life mentally as lower-class citizens. Domination of any kind over another can become a way to lose one’s own spiritual light, no matter what kind of religious hat they may wear. There is a time to instruct and help, but with the full awareness that the student must retain his or her own power and use whatever information they receive in their own way and for their own purpose in life.

Respect for another person is a healthy attitude, when that person has done something well or has made their life a shining example for others to follow. Society’s institutions – governments, law enforcement, teachers, etc., usually demand respect in order to keep their positions intact. Necessary order in any society should be complied with only to the extent that the people involved respect their own responsible positions. In some schools, it is demanded that certain vocal expressions of respect must always be used, setting the teachers, etc., above the students. This can be a way of restricting power. Those who included the principal of free speech in your Constitution realized that each person has the prerogative of thinking and believing what they feel is right. There is a danger of that now being restricted in order to fuel the power of some leaders. The protests against such restrictions are now being felt all over the world.

Personal power can be lost in many other ways. Keeping the body in good health is very important, for the energy cannot flow freely the body is under the power of drugs or alcohol. Every time the mind is dulled by such things, the ability to use the inherent power is lost, and this becomes worse each time. Surely, one cannot respect a person who cannot speak clearly, cannot walk a straight line, cannot think rationally, for their power has been completely dulled and it takes days for it to build up again. In time, it will lose its energy and the body will fail.

What else do you have that propels you through life, keeping the mind sharp and the body in good health? Education won’t do it; wealth won’t do it; fame certainly won’t do it. Everything you are and have is the product of the natural power than “runs your engine”.!

Vitamins and natural health regimes are fine, good medical care is fine, but what fuels your real power has nothing to do with them. Your power is the inner knowledge of who you are, what you have done through the ages, what you can do now, and what you will do and be in the ages to come. It is sought by every human being, expressed as self-esteem, self-assurance, self--confidence, empowerment, all of the positive attitudes that make a person walk tall, say what he/she means, knowing that they are just as important in their own way as the most famous person that ever lived. There is the assurance that no matter what the challenge presented, they will find a way to make the situation succeed; the confidence that no matter what the inner frustrations or anger, they can be overcome.

Competition is a world-wide way for a person, a team or an army, etc., to prove that they are better and stronger than another. The struggle to keep one’s own power sometimes becomes an obsession to build that power until it overcomes everyone and everything in the way. Beauty contests are full of young men and women who feel they must build their power over the opposite sex by appealing to sexual appetites, and find fulfillment being models or movie stars. They won’t find it that way. This kind of superficial seeking will diminish their power, for they now depend upon others to build their self-confidence. If the adulation they feed on doesn’t come, their power is lost. Being a leader is using your power. It takes a full measure of power to be confident enough about what you know, what you can do, and how to present a leadership that will benefit others and yourself. There is tremendous responsibility in being a leader, for strict self-control is necessary to prevent the power from becoming over-powering!

Inner power can be expanded by a personality in positions of authority and used in entirely wrongful ways, as is most evident in the world today. Inner power can be used to strike down the power of others, even entire nations, so that complete obedience is obtained from those who have even forgotten that they are capable of their own thoughts, their own paths in life! There are few “sins” committed by humanity that are as bad as this, for the gift of inner power must not be taken or destroyed in any being, in spirit or in matter!

The phrase “balance of power” is tossed about today as nations strive to keep their own ability to keep economic factors as even with other nations as possible. Power is seen as how the greed of humankind can be kept under control long enough for everyone to get their fair share. Greed is not power; it is the lack of personal power that drives the need for more, and more.

Let’s look at relationships. It is finally becoming apparent that one partner who insists upon making all the decisions, holding the money leading the way continually, does not make for a great relationship. Now we are talking about a real “balance of power”. When each partner acknowledges that the other has their innate inner power that must be allowed to be expressed, a comfortable union can be achieved. Personal elements of power are expressed in many different ways; each partner has different talents, abilities, and ways of doing things. When a partnership or marriage is considered, brought together by friendship or sexual desire, it is most wise to learn enough about the other person to know whether or not that person’s power and abilities will be comfortable combined with your own. Condescension, patronizing, jealousy, and resentments can appear very easily when there is a clash of power within a partnership. It is very wrong to try to take a dominant position because one feels threatened by an uneasy union.

When a human being becomes older, it is difficult to hold power in place, particularly when the body doesn’t want to follow the directions and goals of the mind. If a person has kept their power intact through the years, the body generally will be in better condition and able to function much longer. Mental abilities will remain intact; even when it is no longer possible to move about easily, the mind is active and interested in the fullness of life. Inner power does ot fade because of age; it is a part of you. It is up to the individual personality as to how it is used and how the personality has protected it from being restricted or destroyed by society. Your every instinct is to refuse to knuckle under when someone “puts you down”; the instinct to fight back has kept humanity from going down the drain. There are better ways than physical combat, however. The inner power will show the way, if you will let it.

Giving is power. The ability to share what you have, or yourself, in any situation, goes against your ancient need to provide for yourselves and your families, to the exclusion of anything or anyone else. We realize fully that giving without hesitation is an act of compassion, and compassion is also part of your inner power. Before giving, there is many times a feeling of that hesitation, but after giving, the warmth of Love overcomes the stingiest of any of you! Giving is an important function of inner power; for that power is the Power of Love, and compassion is also its name. Teaching children to give is an act of Love to the child. To let or teach him/her to become selfish is a stain upon the soul.

The children of today are so close to spirit that it is necessary for them to express themselves fully, sometimes in ways that society or parents find overwhelming. Please, please do not drug these children! Change your own ways of allowing, while still teaching them that society only works when everyone respects everyone else’s needs and desires. Schools must learn to listen to these children’s ideas and let them discuss what they are being taught. These new children of today will not permit their power to be downgraded.

We leave you with these thoughts: Accept that you are an eternal spiritual being, encased for a time in a human body. You are endowed with the power universal. You are filled with knowledge acquired over the ages, here to learn and experience as much as you can. Use and protect your inner power in order to fulfill your purpose in life, and respect the power that fills every human being on Earth. Learn to listen, as well as to convey your own thoughts. Share your knowledge and your power, and you shall succeed in every way. God Bless you All!”

Ruth Ryden 



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